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Who Are We?

Our team includes licensed nationally recognized federal employee retirement benefits specialists, and frequent speakers and trainers for a variety of employee organizations and financial services firms across 47 states. 

We have analyzed the retirement scenarios for thousands of employees helping them to avoid costly mistakes, and instead greatly increase the value of their benefits and retirement options. 

Federal employees simply want an easy explanation of the benefits they worked so hard for, so they know what to expect when they ultimately retire.

Our team includes benefit specialists, financial advisors, a CPA and Attorney, all of whom have well over 100 years in combined retirement benefits planning.

Federal employees spend an entire career serving our public interests, we feel it is our duty to give back to them by helping them to properly prepare and look forward to retirement from federal service.

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What Will Your Retirement Look Like?

Plan so Your TSP, IRA, & 401K lasts a Lifetime!

Keep Inflation from ravaging YOUR retirement Plan!

Retirement Systems of All Makes and Models

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) State and Local Government Pension Plans 401K's 457's 403b's and IRA Planning

Survivor Benefit Planning -- Tax Free Benefit Planning

Make sure your loved ones get everything you want them to receive, GUARANTEED!

Social Security

When is the Best Time to Take Your Social Security?
Proper Planning can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!


Am I Eligible for the FERS Special Supplement?
How much will this be and how long does it last?

Do I Need a Medicare Supplement With My FEHB?

Medicare can be very confusing especially when combined with Federal or Military Health Benefits. What Should I do?

Taxes on Federal & State Pensions, Annuities, 401K's, & IRA's

How can we reduce the tax burden on our retirement plans so we can have more monthly income?

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and Private Life Insurance

When does FEGLI quit being a good deal? What's the best kind of Life Insurance to get for my spouse, my kids, and myself?

FEHB Why are there so many plans and which are the best?

Talk about confusing! Federal or Private Health Insurance is very confusing!
How can I know what I am getting and make sure my family is covered?

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program Is ANY Long Term Care a good deal?

Single or Married, Is Long Term Care worth the cost?

ESTATE PLANNING Made Simple For a Change

Do you have updated wills or a Trust? How about Powers of Attorney. What do I Really Need?
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